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High Protein Foods That Are Delicious


Protein is an important part of any body. For fitness and health protein is very important. Foods that are rich in protein should be included as one of the essentials in any individual’s regular diet. Here are a few foods that are high in protein but delicious as well: –

  1. An entire egg is very high in protein, yet egg whites are relatively unadulterated protein. Eggs are among the most beneficial and most nutritious food on the planet. They are stacked with vitamins, minerals, necessary fats, eye-ensuring antioxidants and mind supplements that a great many people don’t get enough of. Protein content: 35% of calories in an entire egg. 1 substantial egg has 6 grams of protein, with 78 calories.


  1. Dry fruits- In particular Almonds, cashews and pistachios. They are very high in protein and tasty as well. Most people who follow a strict gym schedule eat almonds regularly. It has fiber, magnesium and manganese as well. Dry fruits have high levels of calorie as well. So, in case you want good amount of calorie and protein in your system you should definitely opt for dry fruits.
  1. Chicken Breast- This is one of the popular sources of high protein. It has rich protein content is easy to cook and can be very delicious if cooked well. There are various home-made recipes and recipes you can check online to cook yourself some nice delicious chicken breast. It is known to contain almost 60 grams of protein.
  1. Oats- One of the healthiest grains on this planet. Makes for perfect cereal for breakfasts. It is a very light food that you can consume and contains approximately 15 grams of protein. It also has other healthy fibers and vitamin B1.OatBowl
  1. Cottage cheese- This yummy cheese that can be used in making so many dishes like pizza, pasta and sandwiches has almost 30 grams of protein content. It makes for a great ingredient in many different dishes. It also has other nutrients like calcium and vitamin (both B2 and B12).
  1. Milk- Milk is a source for very high-quality protein but unfortunately more than half of the population is lactose intolerant. But if you are not intolerant to it you must add at least one glass of milk to your regular diet. Milk contains all the nutrients required for the human body. So, if you drink it only for the protein it will give you all the other necessary nutrients as well. One glass of milk contains approximately 10 grams of protein.
  1. Broccoli- This green vegetable is the highest in protein among all the other vegetables. It has other nutrients as well like vitamin C and k, fiber and potassium. It is also high in bioactive nutrients that helps prevent cancer.
  1. Tuna- One of the most popular fish type contains almost 40 grams of protein. Thus, you can eat it not only for its really good taste but also for its protein content.

Health benefits of eating a watermelon


The summer season brings the full load of summer fruits. One of the most loved summer fruits is watermelon. Watermelon is juicy and tasty but also is one of the healthiest things one could eat. Here are a few health benefits of eating a watermelon.

  1. It’s normal to go for a citrus fruit when you sneezing terribly. In case you’re searching for a change, Watermelon is the fruit you can opt. Some watermelons give 30% of your everyday vitamin C requirement, giving you motivation to go after those watermelon slices, as well. Vitamin B6, another nutritional part of watermelons, can likewise improve your immunity. It helps the creation of lymphocytes (white platelets). Lymphocytes create antibodies that helps in attacking infections, microbes, and toxins.
  1. At the point when the body creates more oxidant mixes than our antioxidant resistance can deal with, some tissue damage occurs called oxidative stress. High levels of oxidative stress is the essential driver of sicknesses like diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. This is the place watermelons fit in. Lycopene extract from watermelons can fundamentally lessen oxidative pressure and blood glucose levels. Also, since patients with hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar are to a great degree inclined to coronary illness, watermelons may give security against coronary illness, as well.

A test led on 14 corpulent patients (around 58 years of age) with hypertension and pre-hypertension side effects demonstrated that a six-week intake of watermelon extricate recognizably reduced ankle blood pressure levels. This could be a conceivable impression of enhanced blood vessel stream. For this case, the amino acids L-citrulline and L-arginine were the principle highlights.

Water melon

  1. As we now we know watermelon contains Lycopene. Numerous studies conjecture that often lycopene intake avoids cancers of the breast, lungs, throat, prostate, bladder, ovaries, pancreas, and colon. One examination takes note of a high lycopene utilization that lessened the danger of high degree cancer by 44% in men and the danger of prostate cancer by 25%.6

In another examination, breast cancer cells were treated with watermelon juice. Next, they were brooded in 5% carbon dioxide at 37 degrees C for six days. Different examples were comparably treated with unadulterated lycopene and extracted lycopene. The juice tests were observed to be best in restraining the development of cancer cells.

  1. Watermelon can also relieve sore muscles due to the presence of citrulline in its contents. It improves blood circulation and relaxes blood vessels as well. Athletes prefer drinking pure and rich watermelon juices to relax themselves and recover heart rate after extreme bouts of work out and physical activity.
  1. The vitamin C and A present in watermelon is also beneficial for the health of one’s skin. It prevents damaging of cells and provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Thus, if you play a lot of outdoor sports under the sun, you can choose to eat watermelon regularly and cutdown on your sunscreens.

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